SMA Corporate Sponsor Educational Video Library

As an added member benefit, and to help showcase member expertise, SMA has developed a Sponsor Educational Video Library. This online area will allow Corporate Sponsor Members to share expertise within their company or industry within SMA!  A dedicated library has been created to display this educational content and allow members to access it 24/7.

To ensure a cohesive and professional member experience, SMA has set some guidelines for educational videos:

  • Video Resolution: 1080p (High Definition)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16x9
  • Horizontal Orientation
  • Video Format: MP4

How To Participate


Complete the Agreement

Download and complete the 2023 Video Agreement, available to download below.

Secure a Download Link

Ensure you have a working link for SMA staff to be able to download your video content.

Complete the Online Form

All fields within the online video submission form are required; you must fill it out entirely and upload your completed Video Agreement form.

At this time, SMA is accepting one video per company. Additionally, please note that it will take time to processes your information and content. SMA will notify you once your video has been added to our website.


There's no fee to participate for SMA Corporate Sponsors who are in good standing; just ensure your content is educationally focused.


Can your company help?
If creating educational content videos is in your wheelhouse and you'd like to serve as a resource for other SMA members, reach out to Jessica Fink! If any members need this type of assistance, she will serve as your connection point.