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 • SMA 2018 Seminar: The Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA •


Crown Room CA 410x410Opened in February 1888, Hotel del Coronado debuted as an architectural masterpiece, acclaimed for its spectacular seaside setting and world-famous weather. Outfitted with electricity and every modern amenity, The Del was a destination resort before the term existed, attracting a wealthy clientele from the Midwest, East Coast, and Europe. These guests - who arrived with their own servants in tow - generally stayed for months at a time.

Although seaside resorts were fairly commonplace along both American coasts during the late 19th century, few were as large as The Del or as distinctive. With its one-of-a-kind sweeping silhouette - once likened to a cross between an ornate wedding cake and well-trimmed ship - the resort was recognizable throughout the country and around the world.

Coronado's island-like allure and year-round sunshine further ensured The Del's reputation as a standout resort, described as the "unrivaled Queen of seaside resorts ... this enchanting spot has no equal in America ... or the world."

Building The Del

Hotel del Coronado was conceived by two retired, mid-western businessmen, Elisha Babcock, Jr., and Hampton Story, who became acquainted after moving to San Diego. In 1885, the entrepreneurs bought the entire undeveloped peninsula of Coronado, subdivided the land, sold off the lots, recouped their money, and proceeded to build what they envisioned would be the “talk of the western world.”

Constructed early in California’s history, well before San Diego had the materials or manpower to support such a colossal effort, everything had to be imported or manufactured on site. Architects were brought in from the Midwest; lumber and labor came from the Northwest; there was a lumber mill, foundry, and electrical power plant on hotel property; and early employees were wooed west from Chicago’s finest hotels. Despite these logistical challenges, the hotel was opened after only 11 months of construction.

In the Beginning

When Hotel del Coronado received its first visitors, California was separated from the rest of the country by vast unsettled territories. At this time, most guests traveled to The Del by train, and a trip from the east took seven days. Wealthy travelers journeyed in relative luxury, the wealthiest of whom had their own private rail cars that were hitched up to trains back east and unhitched when they reached the resort; to accommodate private rail cars, the hotel had a spur track on property.

Not only was Hotel del Coronado part of the movement west, it epitomized the luxurious lifestyle of America’s wealthiest families. In fact, the hotel’s early patrons very likely spent their days traveling from one fabulous resort to another, following “the seasons” (i.e., California in the winter; New England in the summer). At one time, The Del was one of many famed 19th-century American resorts; today, it is one of the few that has not only survived, but still flourishes as a world-class hotel.

The Early Years

Originally intended as a fishing and hunting resort, Coronado’s ocean and bays were rich with marine life, and the nearby scrub was filled with quail, rabbit, and other small game (the hotel’s chef would cook a guest’s catch). In addition to these pursuits, The Del offered a variety of activities including billiards (separate facilities for men and women), bowling, croquet, swimming, boating, bicycling, archery, golf, and fine dining. There were also special rooms set aside for more passive indulgences such as reading, writing, cards, chess, music, and even smoking.

The Del also showcased a lot of modern technology: it was lighted by electricity (at that time, the hotel was one of the largest buildings in the country to have electric lights); there were telephones (although not in the guests’ rooms); there were elevators and numerous private bathrooms. There was also a fire alarm system and state-of-the-art fire fighting equipment (although it is not known to have ever been used). The hotel was outfitted in fine china and linen from Europe; furnishings came from the east.

Hotel del Coronado quickly became a Mecca for sophisticated eastern travelers who had grown bored with the resorts on that side of the country and were looking for exotic alternatives to traditional European destinations.


 • SMA Women In Leadership: Join Us On LinkedIn •

WIL PictureWomen In Leadership meet at the 2017 seminar in Huntington Beach, California.

Our SMA Women In Leadership Committee would like to a personal invitation for women leaders in the field to connect with us throughout the year by joining us on LinkedIn

The Women In Leadership Initiative is a group dedicated to the Stadium Managers Association's (SMA) members, and they are primarily interested in supporting and networking with the ladies of SMA. Their goal is to foster a community that allows women to share interesting ideas and articles, to learn from one another, expand their networks and grow their presence within the sports industry.

All current female corporate sponsors and manager members are invited to join in the conversation today by adding SMA Women In Leadership on LinkedIn by clicking here. If you are a manager and know of a female in your stadium who could benefit from joining this group, please reach out to Kate@stadiummanagers.org so we can include them!

Thanks again for joining us in supporting the ladies of SMA!

Liz Zimmer
Courtney Porcella
Elle Valois
Kelsey Smith
Nicole Andrews

Also, check out our committee page by clicking here!


 • SMA Foundation News •

2017 Ron Labinski Foundation Team
L to R: Dr. Michael Jackson, Derek Cunz, Rusty Lenners, Ron Labinski, Todd Stewart, Chris Lamberth, Liz Zimmer, Rob Vanderhei, Troy Hoberg.
Not pictured: Dr. Brian Crow, Logan Gerken, Bruce Cohen, Roland Hayden, Mickey Farrell, Jay Parker

Foundation Scholarship Success

Since 2006, your contributions to the SMA Scholarship Foundation have assisted 24 students studying in a sports management program.

That number just increased to 27 with this month’s announcement of the 2017-2018 winners. In addition to these tuition scholarships, the Foundation has increased their support by providing Seminar interns with a travel stipend to help cover their costs to attend and work the conference.

The Foundation Board of Directors has done an amazing job of managing your contributions to help the most number of students, and we are so grateful!

How can YOU help them continue their work? There are many ways to donate to the Foundation, and here are just a few.

  • Add a donation when you renew your SMA membership dues. There is a line on the dues invoice with this opportunity.
  • Donate online here
  • Name the Foundation as your Amazon Smile chosen charity. They’ll donate a portion of your purchases.  It is easy and no cost to you. See directions in  this issue.
  • Do you have a unique item that would be of interest to our members in a silent auction? Silent auction items raised over $1000 at the Seminar last year. And it’s not just signed footballs that inspire us to donate – there was a special handbag a couple years ago that was one of our most successful auction items. Call us if you have something to donate!
  • Bring cash to the Seminar and participate in one of our donation promotions
  • Buy an SMA logo shirt which earns $15 for the scholarship fund

Thank you for making a difference by supporting students in this industry!


2017-2018 Scholarship Recipients

MacKenzie King Headshot Screen Shot 2017 06 13 at 10.06.20 AM DSC00567
 MacKenzie King  Jessica Clowdus
 Keelee Armor


• New Members •

Stadium Managers

DJ McCaffery
New York Red Bulls

Sean Decker
Texas Rangers Baseball Club

Corporate Sponsors

SunBrite TV
Joshua Litwack
Jonathan Johnson


• 2017-2018 Membership Renewals •

Now is the time to renew your membership! Renewing online is easy, takes just a few minutes and is a great green initiative!
Renew your dues online today in 4 easy steps! 
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• Member News

Hackney Publications Introduces Sports Facilities and the Law and Editor in Chief Gil Fried

Hackney Publications announced the launch of Sports Facilities and the Law (SFL), a periodical that will be guided in large part by Gil Fried, a sport management professor at the University of New Haven, and an illustrious advisory board of attorneys and facility management experts from across the country.

SFL's mission is to provide information and solutions to sport facility executives, their counsels, and affiliates to help minimize legal issues and help solve legal problems.  Rather than just report critical issues, SFL will endeavor to provide context and solutions for managers and attorneys.

Click here to subscribe!

Check out the first issue of Sports Facilities and the Law here.



•  Partner News

Pac-12 Sustainability Conference

PAC12The inaugural Pac-12 Sustainability Conference on June 26th is being held in conjunction with the 2017 Green Sports Alliance Summit on June 27-29. 
Consistent with its reputation as the "Conference of Champions," the Pac-12 is the first collegiate sports conference to convene a high level symposium focused entirely on integrating sustainability into college athletics and across college campuses. All of the Pac-12 athletic departments have committed to measuring their environmental performance, developing strategies and goals to reduce their impact, monitoring their progress, and engaging fans and communities in greener practices. The Pac-12 is committed to using the power of sport to promote healthy, sustainable practices to its campus communities and among Pac-12 fans.
SMA has partnered with Pac-12 Sustainability Conference to offer a 20% off discount on meeting registration. Use code SMA20Follow this link to have the code automatically applied:


National Weather Service

Summer Weather Safety Campaign

Screen Shot 2017 06 09 at 9.11.08 AMJune 1 is the start of meteorological summer and the traditional launch date of our Summer Season Safety Campaign. Summer means more time outdoors, traveling, and late sunsets. However, summer also means extreme heat, thunderstorms, and the start of hurricane season. Visit our website to learn more on how to stay safe this Summer!

As WRN Ambassadors, we ask you to take advantage of our WRN safety content -- infographics, social media posts, and feature articles.

  • Engage your employees on how to better prepare at work and at home.
  • Profile content on your website.
  • Reach out across your social media network.


 • Sponsor News

AwareManager and Vizsafe Ink New Partnership to Provide Connected Solutions for Stronger Facility Management, Safety and Security

BOSTON, May 11, 2017 – AwareManager and Vizsafe today announced a partnership to deliver more comprehensive venue security, safety and maintenance by integrating AwareManager’s facility management and incident tracking software with the Vizsafe GeoawareTM Services Platform.

Traditionally, venues rely on radio communication, notepads and a central dispatcher in the control room to respond to reported incidents and issues. These multiple layers of communication inevitably add time onto the response window. In addition, first responders – whether they be staff, facility security and maintenance or public safety – often go into these situations with too little information about what they are facing.

“Radioed incidents and paper reports eat up valuable time and leave out critical details needed for both responders and facility managers trying to analyze facility management and event data,” explained Jeff Thompson, cofounder/CEO of AwareManager. “By equipping these teams with mobile devices and real-time video, everyone involved has greater transparency into what’s happening.”

Vizsafe empowers facility staff and external partners, including public safety and emergency management, by providing mapping (geolocation) and visual context (video and photos) of situations they are addressing, cutting response times and instantly logging those reports in AwareManager’s incident tracker. Any incidents reported via Vizsafe that require follow up from the facility management team automatically generate all needed work orders. This integration eliminates manual data entry and ensures that no critical information is lost in the shuffle.

“By combining the power of AwareManager and Vizsafe, we can break down the walls between both our internal and external partners, and provide a better experience for our fans and staff alike,” concluded Jim Nolan, SVP Gillette Stadium Operations, Finance and Administration.

Click here for the full article.


iss247ISS 24/7 - Proactive Operations
May 17, 2017



Set to Fyre
A legendary festival VIP ticket is going to set you back a few thousand dollars. Many festival VIP tickets are in that range, and worth every penny.

But, how would you react if you paid that kind of money, are told not to bring cash but to upload funds to an online festival spending account, travel to an uncharted island in the Bahamas, are greeted and told the event is not happening, and then informed you're stranded with thousands of other festival-goers with no way home? You'd be furious, right? For some, this was a horror film come to life.

A plan to create the ultimate collaboration between tech and music failed this month. No other words could explain it better - a failure on many fronts. Billy McFarland and Jeffrey Atkins a/k/a Ja Rule's vision for Fyre Festival was set to fyre. We're here to tell you; we blame them for every bit of it too. Why? It's obvious; they took the complexity of planning a large festival for granted. Planning an event of any size takes skill, preparation, strategy, and most necessary, care. 

Could this disaster have been avoided? We'll never know really, but we'd venture to say yes since professionals do it every day. Fortunately, for those of us not slapped with a $100 million lawsuit, we are afforded a vital lesson from their mistakes.

Keep reading; we're going share how the Fyre Festival flunks and proves the importance of Proactive Operations and ISS 24/7's unified technology for all operations.


How to Avoid Disaster
Proactive Operations will probably resonate with you immediately. Proactive Operations is a methodology we discovered 

from years of working with professionals that oversee the operations for all types of properties. It's a way of thinking and execution that says you must first address your strategy, then build your infrastructure, and finally optimize everything with technology. The result - maximum operational performance.

All of these elements of Proactive Operations were missing from Fyre Festival. From the lack of individual factors that make up Proactive Operations to the disorganized execution of everything. Fyre Festival is a real-life example of why we work so hard to educate you on the importance of employing Proactive Operations. Lack of discipline and process will only produce a negative outcome for your customers and organization, and you. But, you can avoid it all using this methodology.


Proactive Operations
Inadequate preparation (and care) are the first mistake made by Fyre Festival organizers. A flawed and weak strategy can only get one so far before negative results are realized. Preparation is your cornerstone, and if mishandled, it'll be disastrous. You must spend lots of time on your strategy. Imagine, what the ideal event looks like? What do you expect to achieve? What's happening throughout your operation? What will you need to accomplish this goal? What do you need to avoid? What are your contingency plans? These are only the start and surface-level questions.

You must get even more in-depth. For example, how will you handle customer service issues, incidents, and mistakes? (Yes, your mistakes.) What's your emergency management plan, and did you run a real-life role-play, not just a tabletop exercise? Do you have proper resources and staffing? How will you hold staff accountable? Do you have ways to track issues, customer requests, incidents, and broken equipment? It's a lot of questions that we're confident the festival organizers did not ask, but you should continuously be asking.

Is your strategy complete? Trick question, it should never be complete. Always optimize it. But, once you're confident all bases are covered - it's time for your infrastructure. If you're a festival or one-off event, that means your physical structure, equipment, and how departments are laid out. For all other operations already overseeing a property, it means to define your command centers from front-of-house to back-of-house.

Streamlining your flow of information without any bottlenecks is the key to establishing your infrastructure. Know your teams, their locations, what processes they oversee, how they'll communicate amongst each other, and most important, who is the point person for interdepartmental communication. Designating a single dispatcher for each eliminates unnecessary chatter and ensures the validity of information. Infrastructure was undoubtedly 'unfinished' for Fyre Festival as viral images of unpackaged equipment were splashed all over the internet.

Even if all best case scenarios failed and your customers were stranded on an island in the Bahamas, ISS 24/7's technology could help you save some face. The software enhances your abilities, whether your operation is confronted with adversity or optimized to perfection. Use ISS 24/7's Text Communication to deliver the best customer service possible through strategic two-way communication with your customers. Manage and document incidents that occur at any point with ISS 24/7's Incident Management System and mobile apps. Do you want to avoid unnecessary equipment downtime and costs? Use our CMMS to prevent stuff from breaking and fix it efficiently when it does. Now, what happens if you have hundreds of customers waiting on transportation, you'd want to manage that, right? Track and manage all these transportation requests in ISS 24/7's Request Tracker. Finally, let's say your customers are home, but many of them realize they left possessions back on your property. Our Lost & Found solution lets you provide your customers the ability to submit lost item claims through your website, and for you to manage things proactively.

Do you see how Proactive Operations and ISS 24/7's unified solution can be the difference between success and disaster? It's not easy work, though. The organizers appeared to want to earn a quick buck, and that backfired. But, our clients invest a lot of time to employ Proactive Operations - and you don't just have to take our word for it either.


Jason Silva Uses ISS 24/7 to Improve Performance
Jason Silva, Stadium Operations Coordinator for the Oakland Athletics, relies on ISS 24/7's unified solution to improve efficiency and incident documentation. Jason works hard to run one of the world's greatest properties. ISS 24/7 helps him achieve this by supporting his team fully with training and our expertise.

Countless customers like Jason use our unified solution to maximize their efficiency. They know that when they have an obligation to their customers, it's challenging to document everything correctly and legibly, respond to issues, communicate with staff, and maximize the performance of their property.

Jason Silva, a proactive ISS 24/7 customer, reveals how we've helped make his operation proactive. His team takes advantage of their access to our expert trainers and unified solution to manage their property.

"The ISS 24/7 Incident Tracking System has been immensely beneficial in improving the efficiency of our operation and the general documentation of incidents throughout our events. We have recently rolled out mobile TrackPads to some of our part-time staff and have seen great improvement in the document writing from our staff members.

The support staff from ISS 24/7 are always extremely helpful and willing to iron out any problems or concerns we are having while using the system. On top of being readily available to meet online for any questions we may have, Patty Flaherty, was recently on site to lead a training class with both our full-time and part-time Stadium Operations staff. She did a wonderful job of catering the class to the specific needs of each user, all while keeping the content interactive and open to discussion. Patty has been a fantastic resource for us as we continue to develop our usage of the ISS 24/7 system.

We look forward to continuing to work with ISS 24/7 to improve our game day operation here at the Oakland Coliseum and would highly recommend them to any company looking to improve the efficiency and performance of their facility operation!"

Jason and his team control his property's operations expertly. They understand that stuff happens, but that the team will take care of it with the support of ISS 24/7. From handling critical incidents to complete and accurate documentation, you too can utilize a unified solution to achieve Proactive Operations like Jason.

Use ISS 24/7's unified solution to operate the easiest, most user-friendly, solution in the marketplace. Maximize the performance of your operation using technology that'll help you avoid setting fyre to your property's reputation.

Check out our clients

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• Developer Seeks Sports & Entertainment Facility Partner •

Northwest Commons will be a mixed-use project at the south-east corner of Interstate 10 and Estrella Parkway in the city of Goodyear, Arizona. This location has extremely high visibility with easy access directly from Interstate 10, located right between highways 101 and 303 that intersect Interstate 10 and provide quick access from outside metro Phoenix.

The stadium will benefit from additional components at this site; 125,000 square foot wellness center, 32,000 square feet of office space, 10,000 square feet of conference space, 23,000 square feet of shopping, 34,000 square feet of restaurants. Just a short way down Estrella Parkway is Goodyear Ball Park where 15 Major League Baseball teams conduct spring training in the Cactus League, which drew a record of 1.72 million fans in 2013. Two of the major league’s finest, the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds, call Goodyear home for part of the year. This developer will be constructing a new hotel at the Ball Park to accommodate demand, which will also serve the stadium.

We are looking for a partner to take control of the stadium. Ideally, this party would be capable of financing, developing and managing this facility however we have a nationally recognized commercial contractor available and financing may be available for the right candidate.›

The plan for the stadium is to provide a setting for amateur and scholastic sporting activities as well as additional entertainment venues. The developer has approached many interested parties and sponsors already and interest is very high. The hurdle for him at this point is lack of experience in this industry. This lack of experience is discouraging capital providers. Partnering with qualified management eliminates this issue.

To download this in pdf format, please click here.

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