SMA Mentorship Program

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The Stadium Managers Association has added another opportunity for members to connect and grow their skills, a Mentorship Program geared to foster relationships that's facilitated by SMA's WILD committee.

We are looking for both Mentors and Mentees for this program; click here to register!

How To Participate

This initiative is designed to foster connections and knowledge-sharing among members within our organization. As our organization continues to grow with an influx of new members, we recognize the need for a structured mentorship program. With various titles and roles emerging within stadium management teams, the Mentorship Program aims to bridge the gap between experienced professionals and those who are newer to their roles. This Mentorship Program is open to all SMA members who are in good standing.

Register For The Program

Complete the sign-up form to indicate your interest as a MENTOR or MENTEE!


A WILD Committee member will match you with another SMA member based on outlined strengths and goals.

Schedule Your Sessions

Schedule your mentorship meetups based on what works best for your goals!

Get Started

Click the "Register" button to get started as a MENTOR or MENTEE.  Whether you're a seasoned professional ready to share your knowledge or a newcomer eager to learn, this program provides a platform for meaningful connections and shared success. Together, let's build a stronger and more connected community within our organization.