SMA 2021 Webinar Series

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Upcoming Webinars - Final Dates TBD

The following webinars were part of the 2020 webinar series and will be rescheduled at a later date.

Stadium Surface Conversion

Stadiums are being forced to do more events. The conversion of the stadium surface needs to be time efficient and cost effective. Stadium surfaces have come under heightened scrutiny for sports specific performance and player safety aspects. The Webinar will focus on the conversion options, how to protect the surface during different events and the best practices for different events. Incorporating real world experiences to highlight the challenges and successes experienced by current stadium managers, the webinar will arm today’s stadium professionals with what they need to know regarding stadium surface conversion.

Nicole Andrews

Presenter / Moderator: Nicole Andrews - Matrax

Nicole Andrews is the Managing Director, Global Sales for Matrax Inc., a leading manufacturer of turf protection event flooring and other temporary site access solutions. Ms. Andrews has been in the sports industry for 7 years. For the ten years prior, Ms. Andrews was a Business Development Manager in the commercial real estate industry for a geotechnical & environmental engineering consulting firm. Ms. Andrews holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Salisbury University Perdue School of Business where she graduated cum laude.

Ms. Andrews has served in leadership positions on several non-profit organizations throughout her career. She is currently serving a four year term as the Corporate Director on the Stadium Manager Association's Board of Directors. She has served the past two terms on the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) awards committee and is the founder of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Turf Managers Association (MASTMA). She is presently serving as Advisor for MASTMA and committee chairperson for the Stadium Managers Association (SMA) Women in Leadership (WIL) committee.

Ms. Andrews lives in Kensington, Maryland.

Mark Nicholls

Presenter / Moderator: Mark Nicholls, Turf Nation

Mark Nicholls is CEO of Turf Nation and is uniquely qualified as an over 30-year veteran of the synthetic turf industry, including 19 years as the President and CEO of one of the industry’s most notable brands. Through personal participation in over a thousand installations with many of the world’s best known companies and sports franchises, Mark Nicholls has continually utilized his own experience gained from almost three decades of synthetic turf involvement to empower anyone seeking the knowledge and expertise to successfully navigate the many nuances of synthetic turf selection, production, testing, installation, manufacturing and maintenance.

Identities are the new perimeter: Keeping stadiums safe with instant screenings

Do you really know who you’re letting into your secure areas and stadiums? In this day and age, the only true way to fully secure your perimeter is to know the identities of the people you’re letting in. Thanks to the latest AI algorithms and high-tech security tools stadiums now have the power to identify the potential security risks of any individual through instant background checks. Learn how to put the power of knowledge and information in the hands of your security teams in this upcoming webinar.  

Todd Jorgensen
Ident Solutions

Presenter: Todd Jorgensen, CRO - Ident Solutions

Todd’s leadership expertise is only bested by his enthusiasm—for life, for people and for the synergy that comes from working toward a common goal. With 16 years of highly successful sales experience, his positive energy and proven success fosters loyalty from coworkers and clients alike—which he attributes to one thing.

“Years ago I learned that every successful endeavor in life, personal or professional, begins with listening. To my clients, to my colleagues… to my own intuition. Active listening—not simply hearing—is the only way we can deliver an exceptional client experience. I’m passionate about making sure that happens in every Ident Solutions interaction.”

Todd started at Ident Solutions as their Director of Government Operations in April 2018. Within two years his excellent leadership skills shot him into a VP of Sales and Marketing role, and then into his current role as Chief Revenue Officer.

Todd’s other passions include all things fitness and spending time with his favorite people: his wife, Trish, and their three children.

Moderator: Ritu Sandhu - Barton Malow

Ritu Sandhu
Barton Malow

Previous Sessions

March 19, 2020 - 2:00pm EDT

Preventing Fan Nightmares – Creating positive outcomes for Fans with Disabilities

Stadiums generate opportunities. An untapped resource are fans with disabilities representing the largest minority group in your stadium. Commanding billions in disposable income, these fans must be understood providing a facility that is accessible.

People with disabilities need assistance, not your help. Guest service professionals must assist and communicate appropriately. Fans with disabilities need to see themselves in your facility through advertising, employment and access to services provided to other fans. Are there hidden barriers for guests with disabilities in your stadium?

This webinar addresses “Fan Nightmares” and what stadiums do to get out ahead of them like;

  • Proving proper hands-on-training with experts
  • Improving Wayfinding signage
  • Anticipating the Equipment for PWD
David Martin

Presenter - David Martin, Commercial Sales Manager – Staxi Corporation, Atlanta Georgia

David has spent his entire working life assisting people. For 19 years, he worked in private mental health care as a professional counselor and 21 years as a disability advocate and program manager for one of the world’s largest airlines. During this time, he has connected people with and without disabilities and been recognized by the disability community as an innovator and servant leader. In his work at Staxi he has increased sales and awareness of providing quality equipment to assist the community of people with disabilities and reduced mobility in airports, railroads, amusement parks and stadiums around the world.

Not an expert on disability, he knows how to connect you to the experts who can assist you in avoiding issues in customer service to people with disabilities.

Moderator: Martin Dick - Raven Controls

Martin Dick
Raven Controls