SMA Strategic Plan
and Membership Initiatives

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Our Ongoing Mission

To provide an avenue to exchange ideas and receive stadium-specific education & information on emerging trends, so stadium managers can create the ultimate brand experience for fans, stakeholders, owners, vendors, employees, etc. at their stadiums

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Our Guiding Pillars


Develop Stadium Level Membership, allowing managers serving in all areas more easy access to membership and educational opportunities, supporting ongoing innovation & connections in all facets of venue management.


Work to provide education and resources to all members that is timely, consistent, relevant, valuable, and delivered via a variety of mediums for maximum impact.


Identify opportunities for sponsorship that align with our activities & strategy, providing greater value to our sponsors & members, & securing financial resources needed to execute new SMA programs & services.

Addition of Stadium Membership Levels

In July 2022, the Stadium Managers Association implemented a new membership structure for the manager representatives, expanding the audience who the Association serves.  The new structure allows for more stadium job functions such as event planners, guest services, security, engineering, IT, etc to be engaged within SMA.  Each position is essential to the stadium manager's role in creating the ultimate brand experience. 

A year later, SMA was proud to see the number of managers increased by over 60 representatives as well as the addition of 18 new stadiums.  The Board will continue to monitor and evaluate the membership structure and respond to member needs for change.

More Educational Opportunities

The Board recognized a need for more education and resources for all members that are timely, consistent, relevant, valuable, and delivered via a variety of mediums for maximum impact.  The result was the creation of three operational peer groups, focusing on specific manager job functions and the development of a peer group specifically for new members.  An Education Committee was also created and this committee consistently monitors the peer groups. 

Expansion of Vendor Opportunities and Partnerships

The third initiative of the Strategic Plan was identifying opportunities for sponsorship that align with the organization's activities and strategies, provide greater value for sponsors and members and the securement of financial resources needed to execute the new SMA programs and services.  To help executive this, a new Corporate Strategic Plan Advisory position was created. 

A year later, the Board successfully welcomed four new strategic partners and is working on the implementation of year -round sponsorship opportunities.