Join us in Florida! A Message from Seminar Chair Rick Nafe


Here we are…just wasting away in Margaritaville looking for that lost shaker of salt and taking over the forever fun Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Beach Resort. 

From the giant blown-out flip flop and pop-top in the lobby…this place screams “Fun” and “Bring Me Another!”
Oh wait.  That was the lady behind me.

She’s fun and already wasted away.  And you know something?

It’s her own damn fault.

 The 2019 Stadium Managers Association Annual Meeting and Seminar Grand Tour stops at beautiful Hollywood Beach (the other Hollywood) from Sunday, February 3rd through Thursday, February 7th.

We have been working on another great program after pouring over your suggestions and ideas.  A tour and dinner on the field of the Hard Rock Stadium will just be a part of the 4 and a half days of networking, learning, friends and fun that is the SMA’s Annual Meeting and Seminar.

Put down that Cheeseburger and pick it up again in Paradise!

Hold the dates…February 3rd through February 7th and come nibble on spongecake with the industry’s brightest minds (no, seriously!)

The Stadium Managers Association Annual Meeting and Seminar at Margaritaville Beach Resort … February of 2019!

Rick Nafe