August 2020 Member Spotlight - Angie Nix

Angie Nix

Company Name
Forty Niners Stadium Management Company

Director Guest Services for Levi's STadium and the San Francisco 49ers

What does your company do?  
Forty Niners Stadium Management Company manages Levi's Stadium on behalf of Santa Clara Stadium Authority. Guest Services is a dividison of the Stadium Operations Department. In my role, I ensure that our "Playmakers" (game day staff) deliver upon our SCORE Values, Common Purpose, and GOLDEN Service Promise. Guest Services is responsible for a variety of people, programs, and collateral including training programs, rewards and recognition initiatives, and uniforms and supplies.

What exciting/unique things has your company done in the past or is working on currently?
I have worked unique and exciting events at Levi's Stdium including Super Bowl 50, College Football Playoff, and the 2019 NFC Championship Game. To be honest though, the experiences that are most exciting to me involve special experiences with our fans. I helped a man plan is proposal pre-game on the field - I even brought a dozen roses to work that day to give to his fiance when she said yes. I surprised a couple from New Zeland with passes to the post-game news conference after learning that they were attending their first football game. I had the pleasure of gifting a Korean War Veteran with on field seating, and I witnessed the delight in his eyes. These are the types of rewarding experiences that I will always cherish.

One of your favorite stories that you tell about the business?
I have been in this business for 24 years. I have seen, heard, and done a lot - I have a lot of stories - many of which should never bee repeated! A few years ago while I was preparing to be a part of a panel during a security conference, I confided in a colleague from another stadium that I was feeling a little nervous. I wasn't nervous about speaking, I felt prepared with my material. I was nervous because of my audience. The room was filled with industry professionals that I respected and held in high regard. The colleague listened to my concerns then gave me the pep talk that I needed. While I was on stage, I caught his eye and he signaled a gesture of support. A couple of years later, I had an opportunity to change jobs and become part of his team. I jumped at the chance to work with such a supportive leader. That is how I ended up with the 49ers on Jim Mercurio's team.

Favorite thing about SMA?
My favorite thing about SMA is the opportunity to network with so many people who "get it". Our business is special, and it takes a certain type of person to be a stadium manager. The annual conference is the right balance of work and fun. I look forward to seeing all of the vendors and managers each year. I also really appreciate the year round engagement with SMA and the access to resources that I am afforded through my membership.

What is one thing that excites you to be a part of the industry?
I have always been particularly proud to be a female in a male dominated industry. It thrills me to see more and more women finding success in the field. As I mature in my career, I hope to continue to prioritize mentoring and guiding the future leaders of our business - males and females alike. Cheers!