2018-2019 SMA Scholarship Recipients

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Meet the 2018 SMA Foundation Scholarship Recipients!

The Foundation is excited to announce the recipients of the 2018-2019 Ron Labinski Sports Scholarship as well as the SMAF scholarships. These three individuals were awarded scholarships to help with the cost of pursuing careers in the sport business, administration, and management degree programs.


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 Nicole Walen

Nicole is currently a senior at Missouri Baptist University pursuing a degree in sport management and a minor in business administration. Her claim to fame is that she had been to every MLB stadium by the age of 19. She is originally from Mikado, MI, but moved to St. Louis, Missouri with hopes of becoming a sport event planner.




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 Christian Seidler

Born and raised in Appleton, WI, Christian Seidler is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sport Management and Business Marketing at the University of Minnesota. Christian is actively involved in the University’s athletic department as an intern with the marketing department and ticket office. He also has experience in Minor League Baseball, Major League Baseball, and the National Basketball Association. After graduating, Christian aims to continue his career in the sports industry whether that is collegiate or professional athletics.



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 Kimberly Schabowski

Kimberly is a graduate student and intern with the Event Management & Facilities Operations office in the Intercollegiate Athletics department at Michigan State University. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from American International College. While at Michigan State, she is pursuing a career in Sports Administration/Facilities Operations. Her career goal is to become a Senior Women’s Administrator in a power five conference.