SMA-Engage Mobile App Is Available Now!

SMAEngage App Features


Stay in the loop and seamlessly add calendar events to your phone's internal calendar!

Contacts Listings

Keep in touch with your fellow SMA members - their info is at the touch of a button now!

Seminar App

Everything you'll need for Seminar will be available here, no need for a separate download.

Information Hub

Use this as your starting point for SMA; newsletters, announcements, contact details at your fingertips.

Sponsor Directory

Finding SMA Sponsor members couldn't be easier, searching by product/service keyword included!

Built for You

This is built specifically for SMA members with an easy to use interface!

This is the first version of our app, so get in on this early and start exploring all there is to offer. Be part of our early adopters and give us your feedback AND be the first to know as new features launch!

Download Today

SMA is launching new ways to keep members connected and part of that initiative is this brand new member app. Keep SMA by your side and stay in touch with what's the latest and most important information coming from the Association, Fellow Members and Partner Organizations.  All your previous newsletters are housed here as well as all things Seminar!  We've digitized your annual directory and made it easier to connect with your friends and colleagues - so download today and get Engaged.