Corporate Membership Levels and Benefits

What Does an SMA Corporate Membership or Sponsorship Offer?

Corporate Member

Corporate Sponsor

Corporate Membership and Sponsorships are an efficient way to stay in touch with your contacts in stadium and ballpark facilities, keep current on news that could impact your business, and show your support of the industry.

Our stadium manager members are primarily VPs and Directors of Facility Operations for most MLB ballparks and NFL stadiums, a good number of university stadiums, minor league ballparks, and a growing number of soccer facilities. Our vendor sponsor members represent the best suppliers in the industry.

Our primary event is the Seminar in February, and our sponsors are involved as full members, speakers, and participants in educational sessions and all social events. Sponsored networking events each day take the place of a trade show and give you quality time with your clients, and low-pressure opportunities to make connections with potential customers. Only first-time corporate members and corporate sponsors are allowed to attend the Seminar. 

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No person or entity shall be admitted to membership until the SMA Board of Directors has approved their membership application and their membership dues have been paid in full.

New members may join the Association at anytime during the calendar year by paying the full amount of dues applicable for their class of membership. Dues for all membership classes, except for honorary, are payable annually. SMA operates on a fiscal year (July - June)

Your application will be submitted for approval at the monthly board meeting held on the last Wednesday of the month. Once this process has been completed your membership application will be finalized and your new member packet and receipt for membership will be sent.

75% of our members polled this year use the Seminar to connect with our corporate sponsor members, and 87% agreed that our vendor members provide solutions to their operational challenges. There are two different membership options for you to consider - Corporate Membership and Corporate Sponsor Membership.


Who can be an SMA Corporate Member or Corporate Sponsor?

Persons, firms, corporations and other entities that have, as a principal function, the provision of goods or services to the stadium industry are eligible for corporate membership or sponsorship. There is a one-time initiation fee of $500 for both membership types.

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Corporate Membership

The basic Corporate Membership level offers value to your company with access to current facility operations leaders, and news like renovation updates that can be a resource to support your business goals. Membership investment for a Corporate Membership is $1500 for one full membership in the Association. If the company or representative has never attended the Seminar, they may attend a single time. Corporate members pay a $1200 registration fee per person to attend.


What are the Benefits and Marketing Opportunities with Basic Corporate Membership?

  • Company listing in the SMA annual membership directory catalog for one representative, and one copy of the directory for that member
  • Company will be welcomed in the New Member section of the SMA newsletter, with contact information and company description
  • Opportunity to attend the members-only Annual Seminar, only if the individual or company has never attended
    Monthly electronic newsletter
  • Access to members-only section of the SMA web site where company can maintain a profile, contact other members, and access the many other resources provided by the SMA. 

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Corporate Sponsorship

The Corporate Sponsor Membership level offers many additional benefits over the basic Corporate Membership. All applications for Corporate Sponsor membership are reviewed by the SMA Membership Committee, with the goal of achieving an appropriate balance and number of the various categories of industry products and services. SMA limits the number of sponsor members to maintain a balanced ratio between managers and vendors, and as a space consideration at our meeting facility and events. Membership investment for a Corporate Sponsorship is $4000 for two full memberships in the Association. The value is outstanding, and the number of sponsors is limited within each category of service.


What are the Additional Benefits and Marketing Opportunities with Corporate Sponsor Membership?

  • Two Association memberships with company voting privileges, and two full registration passes to the Annual Seminar
  • Full page ad in the membership directory, a desktop reference for managers, with contact listing for two company representatives
  • Online RFP Portal to give you improved access to active business. Sponsor members are automatically notified when a proposal is posted.
  • Individual contact listing, picture and logo link on the SMA web site – one click from the home page
  • Access to current contact information for stadium managers and staff support for your electronic marketing efforts
  • Year-round opportunities for newsletter article submission and press release posting
  • Sponsor listing with web link - every month in our electronic newsletter
  • Recognition as a Sponsor in Seminar signage, advertising, meeting materials, and mobile web page
  • Opportunity to highlight your product and service via Seminar event sponsorships, mobile web page links and case studies
  • Online Vendor Service & Product Guide to help managers find you more easily

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