Member Support Programs

teamlogoTechniques For Effective Alcohol Management

Prioritizing responsibility and providing education are proven techniques to help ensure safety and save lives. . By providing effective alcohol management training for employees, TEAM ensures that the facility staff can identify the warning signs of impairment, prevent underage drinking and handle fans that may have had too much to drink.


•    Reducing alcohol-related incidents in stadiums and crashes on roadways
•    Promoting family atmosphere, fan enjoyment, and safety
•    Helping to prevent underage access to alcohol
•    Helping to ensure compliance with alcohol laws
•    Alerting stadium staff to liability issues
•    Reducing insurance claims and liability suits
•    TEAM training materials for facilities, leagues and teams at discounted prices.

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GreenPowerPartnershipMarkEPA's Green Power Partnership
The Stadium Managers Association and EPA’s Green Power Partnership are teaming up to provide stadiums with the resources and information they need to understand the renewable energy options available to them. This new collaboration will help the Stadium Managers Association build upon its ongoing sustainability efforts and enhance the offerings available to its members. EPA’s Green Power Partnership (GPP), a free, voluntary program that provides assistance and recognition to organizations that choose to use green power, will work closely with the Stadium Managers Association to develop tools and opportunities for stadiums across the country to learn more about renewable energy and strategies to communicate the benefits of renewable energy to their stakeholders and fans.


energystarEnergy Star Portfolio Manager

 The ENERGY STAR Challenge is a national call-to-action to improve the energy efficiency of America's commercial and industrial buildings by 10 percent or more. Encourage your organization to pursue this goal, and make use of ENERGY STAR’s extensive communication resources to help get the word out about your organization’s efforts.

ENERGY STAR offers resources that can assist partners in making energy-efficient decisions as a key part of the building design process. They help our facilities identify energy savings opportunities, lower operating costs, and increase their bottom line.




The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety & Security

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), at the University of Southern Mississippi, supports the advancement of sport safety and security through training, professional development, academic programs and research. NCS4 collaborates with professional leagues, open access events, intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics, along with professional associations, private sector firms, and government agencies.  It is a critical resource for sport venue managers, event managers, first responders, and other key stakeholders.

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NOAA's Weather-Ready Nation

NOAA’s Weather-Ready Nation is about building community resilience in the face of increasing vulnerability to extreme weather and water events.  The devastating impacts of extreme events can be reduced through improved readiness, which is why the Weather-Ready Nation initiative is so important. Through operational initiatives, NOAA’s National Weather Service is transforming its operations to help America respond. In the end, emergency managers, first responders, government officials, businesses and the public will be empowered to make fast, smart decisions to save lives and livelihoods.  The initiative includes improvements in a wide range of areas to support management of the nation’s water supply, understanding of climate-related risks, economic productivity, healthy communities and ecosystems.


GSAGreen Sports Alliance
The Stadium Managers Association (SMA) and Green Sports Alliance (GSA) are combining forces in an effort to further enhance environmental performance and innovations in stadiums across the nation. In leveraging the stadium operations and management expertise of the stadium manager members of the SMA with the environmental and sustainability expertise and resources of the GSA, the partnership will accelerate the greening of the sports industry. SMA is proud to be a Community Partner of the 2016 Green Sports Alliance Summit. Ask us for the SMA member discount code to save $50 on the registration fee for their meeting in Houston on June 28-30, 2016.