By donating to the SMA Foundation you will be instrumental in developing the next generation of students in the stadium management industry or related field. Your generous donations support three students each year, totaling $12,200 in scholarship dollars, to help with their University tuition. By participating in this campaign you will be reaching out to help young students meet their goal of becoming the next members and supporters of SMA and the industry.

If you choose to donate, you will be asked where to designate your funds. There is a reserved fund created to honor Ron Labinski as a recognition to his influence on the sports industry and his lasting contributions to stadium design. These funds will be used strictly for the Ron Labinksi scholarship.

You may choose the general education fund.  These dollars will be used for the other two scholarships, general education funding and operational expenses.

If you wish to make a pledge or prefer to mail in a donation, click here.

Thank you for supporting the SMA Foundation!



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