By contributing to the SMA Foundation, you play a pivotal role in nurturing the future leaders of the stadium management industry and related fields. Your generosity directly impacts three deserving students annually, easing their financial burdens and empowering them to pursue their academic ambitions. By joining this initiative, you extend a helping hand to aspiring young minds, fostering their journey to becoming valuable contributors to both SMA and the wider industry.

Should you decide to contribute, you'll have the opportunity to designate your donation to one of two special funds established in honor of SMA luminaries. The Ron Labinski Fund pays homage to his profound influence on sports and stadium design, exclusively supporting the Ron Labinski Scholarship. Similarly, the Rick Nafe Fund celebrates his remarkable contributions to the industry and community, directing funds toward scholarships for individuals who mirror Rick's exemplary traits, such as dedication to the stadium industry, community engagement, leadership, and volunteerism, thereby facilitating their professional growth.

Alternatively, you can opt to contribute to the General Education Fund, which supports the remaining two scholarships and operational expenses vital for our initiatives.

Whether you choose to pledge online or prefer mailing your donation, your support is immensely valued and deeply appreciated. Thank you for championing the SMA Foundation's mission and investing in the future of our industry!




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