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May 2021 Member Spotlight - Kevin Kahn

kevin kahn  1. Organization Name
  Colorado Rockies Baseball Club

  2. Job Title
  Chief Customer Officer / VP Ballpark Operations

  3. What does your organization do?
  Professional baseball and other entertainment events

4. What exciting and unique things has your organization done in the past or is workng on currently?
We are preparing for the 2021 MLB All-Star Game

5. What is one of your favorite stories that you tell about the business?
Play-in game versus San Diego in 2007 when a very close play at home plate that scored the winning run. Went on to win the NL Championship and play in the World Series.

6. What is your favorite thing about SMA?
The opportunity to meet new poeople across different types of venues as well as learn about products and services to enhance our operations.

7. What is one thing that excites you about being a part of the industry?
The incrdible level of energy and passion towards our industry. It is truly inspiring!