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Stadium Managers Association Unveils Strategic Plan

For Release 10:00am  |  Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Roadmapping the Future of SMA
Hollywood Beach, FL— Wednesday, February 16, 2022 — Today, during the 2022 Annual Seminar, the Stadium Managers Association (SMA) unveiled the guiding thoughts and initiatives surrounding their 2021-2022 strategic plan. Ongoing projects will be launched throughout 2022, with the initial focus on membership expansion. A new Stadium Membership level has been introduced, making it easier for stadiums to make the most out of a membership investment while also encouraging participation across multiple departments. SMA’s ongoing mission is provide an avenue to exchange ideas and receive stadium-specific education & information on emerging trends, so stadium managers can create the ultimate brand experience for fans, stakeholders, owners, vendors, employees, etc. at their stadiums.

“It’s in our DNA to adapt, change, and overcome as stadium managers on game day, and I think this strategic plan is an important part in our next step with our organization; to live up to that. This is something we should always be striving to do, to make ourselves better, to make ourselves more educated – that’s the point of an organization like this, and with this new strategic plan, we’re doing exactly that.”, said Titus Queen, Membership Committee Representative; Stadium Managers Association.

Network, Educate, Involve
This strategic initiative focuses on the three pillars for SMA and aims to increase membership access for managers of all departments, as they are essential in creating the ultimate brand experience (Network); create educational materials and opportunities that are relevant, valuable, and delivered via a variety of mediums for maximum impact (Educate); develop opportunities for vendor engagement that align with activities and strategy, providing greater value to sponsors and members (Involve).

“The combination of all three strategic pillars will allow us to continue providing you resources and become a forum for you to improve your businesses, especially post covid, when our businesses restart, and we look at ways to reconnect the fan experience with an effective operation.” said Mario Coutinho, President, Stadium Managers Association.

A video regarding this unveiling is available for viewing here.

About the Stadium Managers Association (SMA)
Formed in 1974, SMA promotes the professional, efficient and state-of-the-art management of stadiums around the world. SMA addresses relevant issues facing today’s stadium managers, and provides educational and networking opportunities throughout the year.
Members include managers, operations and security personnel from stadiums and teams, as well as government entities, colleges and universities and suppliers to the industry. For more information visit
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