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Dan Mendelson, president, Unitex Direct, likes to tell a story from his engineering days to explain his approach to working with customers.  Mendelson begins: “In engineering school, I built balsa wood bridges by hand, researching every detail to ensure a strong structure.  Every beam and every bolt of the wood model had to be analyzed for strength.  Working with a customer to solve a problem is a bit like building a bridge; you have to consider every possible scenario.  If you do, the bridge to the customer's apparel program will be solid. You'll also have the building blocks to a relationship, and hopefully, a customer for life.”      

Problem solving is the Unitex Direct credo, its mantra since it opened its doors in 1992.  The company is a full-service uniform provider to many market segments, including the stadium and security industries.  Currently, Unitex Direct is the supplier of choice to 36 stadiums, including the NFL, NBA, MLB and many college stadiums throughout the country.

“Tackling a complex situation is never a burden,” Mendelson added.  “Maybe it's the engineer in me, but I actually have fun solving a customer's problem. I'm thinking about the specifics in my head, the logistics behind the solution before I'm even off the phone.” 

It is a mindset that has served Unitex Direct well in its 28 years.  A mid-sized company by industry standards, Unitex Direct is growing, a modern-day David vs. Goliath whose unmatched level of personal service has coaxed business away from some of the market's larger players.      

Mendelson credits an acute understanding of the supplier/customer relationship for Unitex Direct's success.  “You don't have a customer until they have a problem; how you solve that problem will determine whether you have a one-shot customer or have built a relationship.”  

Whether you need 3000 shirts in five days, a midnight delivery of uniforms to your stadium, or an out-of-the-box look for your luxury box arena staff, Unitex Direct has the experience in providing quality uniform solutions.  Let's take a better look at how Unitex Direct applies those solutions in the event staffing and security marketplace.