Thank you to Landmark for being our Operations Sponsor for this year's Seminar!

Hybrid Seminar FAQs

General FAQs

Is the 2021 Stadium Managers Association Annual Seminar canceled?

No! The program will be held over two days in a hybrid format.
Attendees get to choose how they want to participate in this year’s seminar. We are working with our member stadiums across the country to safely host small groups of attendees who can participate in the virtual seminar together. If you are comfortable with travel and meeting in a group of 25 people or less, we highly encourage you take the opportunity to participate at one of our host sites. If travel is restricted, you aren’t comfortable with it or your schedule doesn’t allow, attendees can choose to attend remotely and view the sessions via our online platform at your home or office.

Registration / Membership FAQs

Will I need to register to participate in the hybrid conference?

Yes, you must register to attend. All registrants will receive the login information.

Tech FAQ

How can I ask questions at the hybrid seminar?

All attendees are encouraged to download SMA’s new mobile app for the best experience. The Q&A sessions will be live, and attendees can send in their questions via the mobile app or through the virtual platform on your computer.

Sponsors / Presenter / Speaker FAQs

I am a sponsor at the event, what should I do if I have additional questions?

Please contact our Associate Director of Education, Devin Happe at

Seminar Committee

The Annual Seminar is the result of many months of dedicated hard work from both the Seminar Committee and the Operations Committee. Countless hours go into developing and securing the program and speakers for each event.  For more information on those members dedicated to this year event, click the buttons to the right.


As a reminder, attending Seminar and referring your friends to register will earn you points in our Connect with SMA engagement contest, sponsored by Daktronics! More information is available here.