SMA Internship Program

The SMA Seminar Student internship program is a unique opportunity for students in Sports Business Management programs to be immersed in the industry, grow within their skill sets and expand their experience. Participants use this internship to expand their industry experience and to meet league officials and top facility managers that, for many, have led to job opportunities with the NFL, MLB, MLS, and intercollegiate stadiums as well as with vendors who service these stadiums. SMA’s 2021 Annual Seminar event will take place February  7-11, 2021 at Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood Beach, FL.

SMA Seminar Internship Application & Selection Timeline:

  • August - Applications will be made available to interested students.
  • October - Application submission deadline is October 30, 2020
  • November - Committee reviews applications and makes final selections. All applicants will be notified in late November

The Stadium Managers Association Seminar Internship Program provided me with the opportunity to get my name out to leaders and experienced professionals within the Stadium Management industry. There were plenty of opportunities to network with stadium managers, whether during sessions or social events, and  to talk about my career goals.

The Internship was a great experience that provided me with the opportunity to learn valuable skills. It allowed me to network with some of the greatest stadium managers, as well as others in the industry.  It provided me with more experience in events and allowed me to expand my organization, communication, and leadership skills.

The SMA Internship program was an amazing experience for me professionally and academically. I was able to gain experience that I wouldn't be able to in the classroom such as listening to and learning from industry professionals about different sectors of the industry. This is stuff that no textbook can teach you!