AECOM Hunt and Daktronics Sign on as Strategic Partners with SMA!

Committing to two-year sponsorships, these organizations have stepped up to the plate, showing their commitment to the mission and programming that the Stadium Managers Association (SMA) provides to its members. As strategic partners, you’ll be seeing more from these organizations and we’ll be recognizing their support across our channels.


With their support, SMA will continue to focus on:

Membership Growth and engagement
Expand the audience of who SMA serves to include event planners, guest services, security, engineering, IT, etc. Each of these positions are essential to the stadium manager's role in creating the ultimate brand experience.

Provide education and resources to all members that is timely, consistent, relevant, valuable, and delivered via a variety of mediums for maximum impact.

Identify opportunities for sponsorship that align with our activities and strategy, providing greater value to our sponsors and members, and securing financial resources needed to execute new SMA programs and services.

You’ve seen new programming and opportunities from SMA already this year, and we’re looking forward to continuing our forward progress, with the help of our strategic partners