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Stadium Surface Conversion - Webinar

September 10, 2020  |  2:00pm ET

Stadiums are being forced to do more events. The conversion of the stadium surface needs to be time efficient and cost effective. Stadium surfaces have come under heightened scrutiny for sports specific performance and player safety aspects. The Webinar will focus on the conversion options, how to protect the surface during different events and the best practices for different events. Incorporating real world experiences to highlight the challenges and successes experienced by current stadium managers, the webinar will arm today’s stadium professionals with what they need to know regarding stadium surface conversion.

Keep Stadiums Safe - Webinar

October 1, 2020  |  2:00pm ET

New Title: Identities are the new perimeter: Keeping stadiums safe with instant screenings

Do you really know who you’re letting into your secure areas and stadiums? In this day and age, the only true way to fully secure your perimeter is to know the identities of the people you’re letting in. Thanks to the latest AI algorithms and high-tech security tools stadiums now have the power to identify the potential security risks of any individual through instant background checks. Learn how to put the power of knowledge and information in the hands of your security teams in this upcoming webinar.

Restoration of a New Icon - Webinar

November 5, 2020  |  2:00pm ET